Download 2 Bokeh Video Applications for Android Users

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Are you interested in making videos? If yes, you might need a bokeh video application.

With a bokeh video application, you can produce videos with a blurred background, creating a focus effect on the main subject and ultimately adding a professional touch to your video creations.

Bokeh effects can also bring a more dramatic atmosphere, making your audience more interested in enjoying your content.

Blur effects can also be used to protect privacy in your videos, such as faces, vehicle license plates, identification numbers, and more.

In today’s technological era, video editing with bokeh effects can be easily done using a smartphone.

Download a bokeh video application, and you can edit and produce videos with very good quality.

Blur Video

If you want to create bokeh videos, you can use the Blur Video application.

This application offers several bokeh features. First, there is the Free Style Blur feature, which allows you to blur the background of the video from all sides – whether left, right, top, or bottom. Additionally, you can create a square blur around your video.

Then there is the Insta No Crop feature, which can make the video frame blurry. Finally, there is the Fun Blur feature, where you can blur motion in the video.

Although this application is accessible for free, it is limited to the first five videos. For subsequent use, you can still access it for free, but the generated videos will have a watermark.

Blur Video & Image

Another recommended bokeh video application is Blur Video & Image.

Blur Video & Image has been widely used by Android users with over one million downloads worldwide. This application not only blurs the background of videos but also allows you to blur the background in photos.

Download Bokeh Video Applications for Android Users

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