Bosch Steam Generator Iron

Earlier this month I was asked by Euronics to test their new Bosch Steam Generator Iron, I thought this would be an interesting review as I used to have a steam iron (about 10 years ago) and was keen to see how they had moved on. My old model was really cumbersome and heavy and whilst the actual iron and steaming part was ok, the product was not practical due to its size and weight.  It was impossible to move from the worktop to the ironing board and due to its size, it was hard to store.

The first noticeable difference is size, measuring 320 x 262 x 467 mm (H x W x D) it’s almost half the size of my old model which means it sits comfortably on the ironing board, and then placed on the shelf after use as my shelves are 30cm deep. The base of the iron can be kept on the worktop whilst you iron as the cord is an impressive 1.8m long.

The base has rubber stoppers for the iron which stops it from slipping and sliding around, something that was a problem with my last model. The iron itself is small and lightweight, allowing you to move it around easily when ironing.

In terms of the atheistic then this iron ticks the boxes for me. The branding is subtle and the design makes it user-friendly and easy to hold.

There are many clever functions with this Steam Iron and so I’ll try to round it up for you in a few sentences. The ‘HygienicSteam’ technology claims that it kills 99.9% of bacteria due to the heat that blasts through the fabric, this setting is great if you wash your clothes on a lower temperature and want the reassurance that the bacteria will be blasted away when ironing, Useful for clothes that hang on to odours such shirts or sport items.

You have the Eco setting which boasts the units efficiency, great if you do a lot of ironing. In terms of functionality, the iron performed really well. The creases that I normally struggle with are my children’s school skirts as they have a millions pleats and pressing them becomes laborious. This iron handled them with ease due to the powerful shots of steam, all I had to do was press the steam button once and it finished the skirt in seconds. This would work well with any kind of shirt pressing.

The price point is fairly high but good compared to other models on the market.  In my opinion, you are saving money by using less of your time ironing.  You can also prolong the life of your iron with the Calc’nclean’ a setting that removes limescale.

This was written in conjunction with Euronics, all thoughts and words are my own.


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